About Felicia Weinstein

Could this be you?

Not enough time in your day?

Feeling overwhelmed?

Feeling stressed out?

Is clutter out of control?


Need to make an organized move?

Does your home need refreshing? re-dressing? a little something?

Not enough storage space?

Is the energy in your home stale? Do you feel stuck?

Wondering where to start?

Who am I?

Hard to express in my own words. Really. Seriously. Difficult. This is why I have decided to share what people that know me say about me:

by Gabriela:

“When I first met Felicia, I was not surprised that an Interior Designer would also be an Artist. Both require creativity and love for beautiful things, and Felicia is able to dance between the two fields with grace, merging them together in everything she does. Have you dreamed about your ideal home? She built hers, a piece of art!!! Her paintings portray her love for nature, the ultimate Interior Designer! Her vast knowledge and experience in Interior design and Feng Shui are enhanced by her logical thinking and inspiration! Her wit sense of humour, pleasant personality, and eagerness to learn and to help others make Felicia someone you really want to meet, and ask for advice! Not to mention how quickly her mind picks up a name from the Universe, exactly what you need! That’s how we’ve got the “Affluent Artist Group” name, and a few more since we’ve met. :-) “

by Valentina:

“What comes to mind when I think of Felicia is COLOUR.  Felicia is all about colour; bold, beautiful, brave and vibrant combinations.  It all works because she makes it work, and it works with such panache! I’ve seen her put a house together and when you see it, all you can say is WOW!  I’ve seen her put a garden together and when you see it you catch your breath because it is so breathtaking.  Felicia is one talented lady, she’s an artist in so many fields.  She’s a painter, she’s a decorator, she’s a designer, she’s a Feng Shui practitioner and instructor, and she’s so many other things that don’t have a title attached to it.

She attacks friendship the same way, she offers lots of colour and panache to her associations too, she’s always filled with wonderful ideas as to what to do and where to go…always an innovator.  She’s fun to be around.

I also know her to be tenacious, strong willed, independent and quite the chameleon, she seems to easily adjust to whatever life throws her way.  I think she’s also tolerant, forgiving and very patient.  Felicia is an asset as a friend, as a business partner and as an associate.”

by Kiernan:

“Passion, elegance, dynamic, bold, vibrant, alive! These are the qualities that come immediately to mind when I think of Felicia. I love her zest for life and for living it true to her heart  – she really is one phenomenal and inspiring woman. In fact, I’d love to nominate her for some type of woman of the year award because of her presence in the world and all of who she is and her multi-talented nature. An accomplished interior designer, a colour specialist, a Feng Shui expert, an author, an artist and more!

Felicia can take a space and a life and create magical transformations in such a way that is second nature to her and with such professionalism it will amaze you. Her expertise and extraordinary gifts in creating beauty and harmony are evident in all of her designs. All of these qualities are also obvious as a woman, a friend, and a partner – as you can see I have much respect for Felicia!”

What is designsbyfelicia.com?

Designsbyfelicia.com is a unique place, where we focus on establishing balance and harmony between you and your surrounding environment.

It is all about you! It is all about your mind-body-soul-environment connection!

It is here where we have set out to offer to you a comprehensive plan of action where all your dreams and goals regarding interior design can be met.

Who is it for?

I’m not picky… I intend to make designsbyfelicia.com a resource for anybody and everybody who is looking to improve the function and form of their living or workspace. Wether you’re looking for do-it-yourself design tips, or you want in depth information about Feng Shui, Clutter Management and Space Planning, I’ve got a ton of useful and actionable content coming your way! So make sure you check back regularly. Or even better, subscribe to the blog via Facebook, Twitter or email.

How exactly is this website helpful to you? Good question!

There are a lot of ways in which I can be of assistance to you.  As I mentioned above, I publish design tips and other useful interior design information regularly in the blog (for FREE!). So make sure you check it out and subscribe for updates using the form on this page (or in any blog post).

But if you’re serious about taking your living or working spaces to a whole new level of beauty, functionality and harmony, make sure you review my professional services.  I offer something for pretty much every interior design need and budget, as you’ll see in my portfolio gallery page.

Who is behind designsbyfelicia.com?

felicia weinstein interior designer feng shui artistWell, that would be me… Felicia Weinstein.

I’m an accomplished interior designer with more than 25 years of experience. I’m also a colour specialist and Feng Shui professional who loves to paint.

I am passionate about my work as a designer and Feng Shui professional and my goal is to assist you to live a balanced and uncluttered life.

“It is about creating an environment that is beautiful and most importantly, reflects the homeowners personality, lifestyle and spiritual needs; an environment that fits its owners like a glove”.


Where can you find me?

I’m pretty easy to spot. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please get in touch with me through my contact page, or connect with me in all major Social Networks. You can visit me on Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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