Dock Painting of Beach Lighthouse

Beautiful Landscape Paintings & Seascape Drawings

While Felicia loves a wide range of art media, styles, and subjects, she's partial to creating landscape paintings, seascape drawings, and other work featuring natural scenes. The results are designed to make buyers and onlookers alike feel good. Imagery includes landscapes, ocean scenes, or you can commission an image of your children or family. Her favorite images are oceans and skies, which can be seen across all her original paintings and photography.

A World of Art

Whether you choose a painting, a drawing, or you find a new treasure in a refinished, hand-painted piece of furniture, Felicia hopes you find something that makes you feel good. You'll find a little bit of everything at Designs by Felicia, as her creative streak is inspired by many things. You might find a photo, a dried floral arrangement, greeting card, or just a happenstance picture of something you love. Drawings and paintings are done with hard line art and might include cars, instruments, and other subjects. There's really no limit to the variety of art you might find at Designs by Felicia.

Mother and Daughter Colored Pencil

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