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About the Artist

Designs by Felicia features the unique and wonderful art of Felicia Roche, a self-trained artists in West Dennis, Massachusetts. Here, you'll find an eclectic collection of work that includes just about anything that inspires her. Of her art, she says that the work just comes out of her heart and thoughts. She's the product of a family of creative people, and her mother was an artist before she passed away, as well.

Inspired Creation

In some ways, Felicia still has the eyes of a child, and finds wonder and inspiration everywhere she looks. She draws inspiration from the places she goes, the experiences of her life, and counts herself lucky to live near the beauty of Cape Cod and New Hampshire. She's also inspired by the strength of those facing serious complications in their lives and supports breast cancer research, animal causes, and children's causes including cancer research and treatment.

A Picture Is Worth...

We've all heard the old adage, and Felicia loves to create art that tells a story. It also helps if the finished product is pretty and has happy memories or thoughts attached. She strives to show the brighter things in life, and she'll wake up at 4:00 a.m. to draw something from a dream if it strikes the right chord. Her best work comes when she's relaxed and focused.

Where to Find Her

Felicia loves doing arts and craft shows all over the East Coast, and she happily takes commissions. You can contact her through this site to request your own work of art. She'll want to know what's in your heart, what colors you like, and maybe something that inspired your request. From children's stories to fine oil paintings, there's no limit to Felicia's creative endeavors.

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From Starving to Artist

Felicia's journey into art didn't start out simply. She started a cleaning business and taught aerobics in the beginning just to afford the supplies for her work. Once she had built a portfolio, she began going to art shows, including some juried shows after a while. As she built her talent and reputation, she travelled all over New England to shows. Her next step was a little art shop on the Cape where she sold her furniture, ornaments, and drawings. Sometimes she supplemented with bartending and waitress work, but art is where her passion truly lies. Contact her today to place an order or to request a commission.

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